Leadership, Perspective, Purpose, Amazing Life

"I want to invade your perspective."

-Nic Sturdifen

K-12 students

College Students

Educators & Business Professionals

Works with both Secular Groups & Faith Based Groups 

Nic teaches how to prepare for the world of today and adjust for the world of tomorrow. 

Chase your purpose for the life you want.

Meet Nic Sturdifen

Nic Sturdifen is the president of Life Push, LLC, a multi-tiered human services agency serving hundreds of at risk youth and families in the K-12 sector, college students, and transitioning adults. Nic leads the Life Push team to serve as a facilitator and consultant for student leadership groups in the higher education arena as well as business and education professionals.

Nic also teaches entrepreneurship at the Virginia Tech Pamplin College of Business and speaks across multiple platforms with the sole objective to introduce a new perspective into his audience's reality. Some of these platforms include student leadership training and orientations, professional development for business and education professionals, conference keynotes and specifically tailored events.

His passion for student, professional, and overall life development manifested itself when he decided to walk away from his six figure corporate job at the age of 27, almost losing everything and growing Life Push into the multi-million dollar company it is today.


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Student & Professional Development, Orientations, Training & Workshops

                              Entrepreneurship & Business Development

Invading Perspectives

Nic engages audiences of diverse makeups that spread across multiple demographics. From K-12 students to seasoned professionals, Nic brings a perspective that allows him to connect with his audience at a level that creates the avenue to significantly impact not only the individuals in the audience, but the lives of those that the people in the audience have the ability to impact. Nic takes the audience on a journey of emotions to create a scenario that will paint a vivid picture of the topic at hand. Nic tailors each of his speeches, training sessions, and conversations to meet the specific needs of the audience and organizations he is working with. 


 If you are interested in having Nic work with your group, fill out the booking form to get the process started.

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Maximize Your Influence!

Maximize Your Life!

Watch the latest episodes on Nic's Vlog

Current Series: Grit 2 God (G2G) is a series primarily geared toward current/aspiring entrepreneurs and business leaders who are followers of Christ and want to go to the next level of life! The content of this series can be applied to individuals who may not follow the Christian faith. All are appreciated and welcome!

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Fill out the form below if you have a general inquiry or question about a service or product. If you are interested in booking Nic or a member of his team, please submit the booking contact form. If you would like to submit a testimonial, we would appreciate your feedback. If needed, you may also call 434-774-8539 Ext. 8 or email info@nicsturdifen.com


A Few of Nic's Previous Partners

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